Fresh off the (time) line!! Welcome to the brand new video for the title track from the new album ‘Soul Medicine’!A trippy little testimony to, and thanks for, the creative soul in us all. A huge thank you to Rob Greenway (aka brilliantfish) for his magical persevering enhancement and direction on this Covid co-production! All […]

Greetings comrades of creation!!! I am extremely pleased to announce that our new album “Soul Medicine” is now available on all major streaming services ( Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, etc) It is also available to puchase through Bandcamp and ITunes. A new video for “Spectruma” ( All the Living Colours) voicing the insanity of […]

Many of the songs on this recording were born out of the isolation. The personal and global action and reaction to this life altering pandemic. The fear fuelled racism, and the political and economic corruption we have faced and witnessed. Other songs were born out of the soul searching journeys for truth, understanding and clarity […]

The response to the new single ‘Mercy’ and it’s accompanying video has been overwhelming! Thank you all SO MUCH!! If you haven’t heard the song or seen the video, just CLICK HERE.If you wish to donate/buy the song, CLICK HERE with our heartfelt thanks. All proceeds are going to front line workers in Toronto, Canada.

I am about to embark on a western tour again this year. I am excited and inspired to share my tunes. The new CD/Recording/ is almost done. 10new tunes to share. Here are the tour dates and places. May 31- Serendipity Gardens Cafe – Rossport, Ont.- 7pm – 10$ June 1- The Apollo, ThunderBay- with […]

Okay, so i finally joined the 21st century. I know, I know. But i hope you come back often and see what i’m up to. Writing lots of new songs and will be getting out there (not “out there”, out there… though i’ve been known to get “out there”…) to play more often and ride […]