Greetings comrades of creation!!! I am extremely pleased to announce that our new album “Soul Medicine” is now available on all major streaming services ( Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, etc) It is also available to puchase through Bandcamp and ITunes. A new video for “Spectruma” ( All the Living Colours) voicing the insanity of racism and the affirmation a colour filled love of life is also premiered on Youtube!! The website is updated along with this wonderful compilation of our release party and other live snipets put together by our friend David Hines. CHECK IT OUT IF YOU WERE AT THE SOLDOUT PARTY AT RELISH on Oct 26 or were unable to attend. I am so proud and fell so blessed to be able to shareware these new tunes with you all and all!! BIG THANK YOU to brilliantfish who was the main producer, as well as mixer, editor, and instrumental and vocal contributor!! He did an AMAZING JOB!!! Also BIG THANKS TO ALL THE MUSICIANS THAT CONTRIBUTED!! Ian de Souza (basses), Rebecca Campbell (vocals, percussion and whistling) Brian MacMillan (guitars and percussion) Cam MacInnes (slide and other guitars), Jerome Godboo (harmonica) brilliantfish ( drums percussion, vocals and keys) sweet T (vocals) and Dari Yordanova (vocals). Also thx to Jim Bish (saxophone and vocals) with the live band. Check out more of David’s Soul Medicine videos (huge thanks!).

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