“The Almighty We” New Album May 28, 2021

Many of the songs on this recording were born out of the isolation. The personal and global action and reaction to this life altering pandemic. The fear fuelled racism, and the political and economic corruption we have faced and witnessed. Other songs were born out of the soul searching journeys for truth, understanding and clarity for my relationships with life learning love.

    The title track (and second single/video), ‘The Almighty We’ came pouring through after witnessing the public murder of George Floyd – watching and feeling it catalyze a massive call to action. The song and video are an undeniable celebration of oneness. A friend called it a planetary, anti-racism, COVID dance song! For whatever it means in a music industry that is somewhat elusive and illusory, I feel that every song on this album could be a single.

    On the title track we have the joyous explosion of Ed Michael Roth‘s accordion; the snaky groove of Ian de Souza‘s bass; the warm and wonderful voice of Rebecca Campbell; the infectious rhythms and arrangements by brilliantfish, to the ‘street party’ chants from sweet T and Steph Coveart, the song is an undeniable celebration of our common and shared humanity.

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