Who Is Frank?

From teepee dwelling to breakfast with Buckminster Fuller, from the forests of British Columbia to the deserts of Arizona to the Big Sur coast, from Toronto to Shanghai to Hawaii, Frank answers the call of creation and speaks from his heart and soul.

Love, loss, politics, joie de vivre… humanity in all its folly and beauty spring from his deep, deep well. Frank is a true original.

So who is Frank Patrick?

Frank has toured Canada, the US and Europe and has shared the stage with countless artists including Buffy St. Marie, Cyril Neville (Neville Brothers), Jonathan Best (David Byrne) and Dr. Timothy Leary (!). The former lyricist, co-writer and lead vocalist of Zombo Zombo, he also toured as part of the music ensemble in the Dora Award-winning ‘Sable/Sand’ with Dancemakers.

Zombo Zombo’s ‘Into the Market’ CD received extensive airplay in the U.S., charting on AAA and college radio, topping at #1 for 2 months on KMUD and affiliates in California. In 2007, Frank Patrick won the OCFF ‘World Music Song of the Year’ for ‘Believe’, and ‘The Man Who Walks Alone’ was chosen for the ‘Diaspora for Africa’ international compilation CD. His song ‘Boneyard Road’ was also runner-up for the 2008 OCFF ‘Blues Song of the Year’.

A car accident in 1999 forced Frank to abandon his musical career, spending the next 7 years recovering and also writing the material that would become ‘Worlds in Transition’. With songs born out of the pain and struggle of that early period, Frank approached his long time friend and drummer Rob Greenway to help him produce an album of this journey