Trans-Global Rhythm & Song’


From teepee dwelling to breakfast with Buckminster Fuller, from the forests British Columbia to the deserts of Arizona to the Big Sur coast, from Toronto to Shanghai to Hawaii, Frank answers the call of creation and speaks Love, loss, politics, joie de vivre… humanity in all its folly and beauty spring from his deep, deep well.
Frank is a true original.

Frank has toured Canada, the US and Europe and has shared the stage with countless artists including Buffy St. Marie, Cyril Neville (Neville Brothers), Jonathan Best (David Byrne) and Dr. Timothy Leary(!). The former lyricist, co-writer and lead vocalist of Zombo Zombo, he also toured as part of the music ensemble in the Dora Award-winning ‘Sable/Sand’ with Dancemakers.

A cycling accident in 1999 forced Frank to abandon his musical career, spending the next 7 years recovering and also writing the material that would become ‘Worlds in Transition’.

In 2007, Frank Patrick won the OCFF ‘World Music Song of the Year’ for ‘Believe’. That same year, his song ‘The Man Who Walks Alone’ was chosen for the ‘Diaspora for Africa’ international compilation CD. From the same album, ‘Boneyard Road’ was runner-up for the 2008 OCFF ‘Blues Song of the Year’. Since then, Frank has toured Canada as a solo artist every summer, save for 2020-2021.

Most recently, Frank has released 2 critically acclaimed albums in collaboration with his long-time friend and bandmate/producer brilliantfish. His second release ‘Soul Medicine’ is a testament to all of humanity dressed in darkness, light and all the living colours; a catalyst for finding the true nature of beauty and for everyone having a voice. The album features stellar performances from Ian de Souza (basses), Rebecca Campbell (vocals, percussion), Brian MacMillan (guitars), Cam MacInnes (guitars), Jerome Godboo (harmonicas), Michael Menegon (udu) and sweet T (vocals).

2021 saw the release of ‘The Almighty We’. Originally intended as Frank’s “roots” album, many of the songs were borne out of the isolation, personal and global action and reaction to COVID-19. Other songs were borne out of the soul searching journeys for truth, understanding and clarity. A call for a sense of oneness to share this planet.

‘The Almighty We’ features the acclaimed single and video ‘Mercy’ – dedicated to the front line pandemic workers – a prayer for these fragile times. The album’s second single and title track is a celebration of the power of humanity – in all its folly and beauty – to affect positive change. The album is bolstered by exceptional musical contributions from Ian DeSouza, Rebecca Campbell, Cam MacInnes, Brian MacMillan and sweet T with the addition of Ed Michael Roth (accordion) on the title track.


  1. Mercy Frank Patrick 4:29
  2. The Almighty We Frank Patrick 3:57
  3. 02_Soul Medicine Frank Patrick 4:33



The moment Frank references John Prine’s ‘The Great Compromise’, you know he’s going deeper than most… (‘Mercy’ is) a truly moving piece of music by any measure.


There used to be this thing called record stores and inside music was sold and organized into sections. Emo, Glitchcore, Mumblerap, Speed metal, for example, but exploring the world according to Frank, I wish there was a ‘WhatsSoFunnyAboutPeaceLoveAndUnderstanding’ category. That’s where he should be front racked.”

-Bob Wiseman, producer/musician/songwriter

“(‘Mercy’ is) a beautiful tune and so beautifully produced. Once again (brilliantfish and Frank Patrick) have produced music and video of a very high calibre.”

-Terry Brown, producer (Klaatu, Blue Rodeo, Rush)

“Frank Patrick offers a prayer for our fragile times in his moving single and video, ‘Mercy’.”

-The Tinnitist

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